Quantum BRS

Tracking Baggage from A to B.

Tracking luggage from point A to point B. It sounds simple, but with thousands of passengers and bags taking flight each and every day, it takes a complex software system like Quantum BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) to ensure airports, airlines, and ground handlers have the capability to efficiently and seamlessly connect the dots.

Quantum BMS can be implemented simultaneously with Quantum BRS, but it can also be vendor-independent, harmoniously working with other BRS systems already in place. By choosing Quantum BMS, you receive customized service beyond software. At Quantum, we understand each unique operation. We tailor and customize our software to make it your own.

Create Immediate Value

  • Increases the percentage of on-time departures, while reducing the number of lost and mishandled bags
  • Instantly identifies offloaded baggage to ensure compliance with international security regulations
  • Enforces baggage control and segregation strategies
  • Quickly and efficiently locates customers’ missing luggage
  • Delivers valuable, customizable reporting information

Competitive Leadership Advantage

  • Products tailored to each specific customer
  • Partnership and investment in the customized product by continually developing the product so that it evolves with the changing landscape and customer requirements
  • Ongoing, expert consultation, workshops, and customer service
  • Works seamlessly with Quantum BMS as well as other management systems

Technical Support

Leasing Services

Our leasing services are available whether you need just a few scanners or an entire network infrastructure. Our products include scanners, routers, printers, wireless access points, etc, from the leading manufactures, such as Symbol and HP. Professional Services

Professional Services

Our training philosophy is to convey as much product knowledge as we can to make your personnel product experts.

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